It’s Official

My name is Saoirse McHugh, I’m from Achill Island, County Mayo and I’m running as the Green Party Candidate for the Midlands North West Region upcoming European Parliament elections.

With the problems Europe faces no areas are hit as hard as the MNW, with Brexit, unpredictable climate breakdown, rural depopulation, I felt I needed to try and do everything I can to step forward and be a progressive voice for the Midlands North West in Europe. I’m running with a small party and I’m an coming from outside of mainstream politics but I know I can be the representation that our region deserves, and I need help to do it.

So please get in touch , follow me on Twitter: @saoirse_mchugh and Instagram: mchugh.saoirse, and Facebook: Saoirse2019.
I’m excited and optimistic about doing this and I need all the support I can get along the way.