I am Saoirse McHugh from Achill island, Mayo, and I am the Green party candidate for Mayo for the General Election. I am an environmentalist, a democratic socialist, and a grower. Climate breakdown is the most critical challenge that humanity has ever faced. However, it presents a real opportunity for the people of Mayo. Rural decline, agricultural crisis, and climate breakdown share many of the same solutions.

After acquiring my Bachelors of science in Genetics in UCD, I gained practical knowledge of the environmental challenges facing our planet by working with people saving seeds, planting trees, and restoring soil. Motivated by that I completed a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in Lancaster University. I focused on the politics of food production and ended up working with the Irish Seed Savers Association in Co Clare where I became acutely aware of the fragility of our food system. This awareness led me to get involved with Food Sovereignty Ireland and I am also on the committee of the Organic Growers of Ireland.

I love living in Mayo and although it will take hard work I do see a great future for rural Ireland. I know that it won’t be easy as we will have to reimagine everything but we live in such a beautiful and resilient part of the world and that gives me great hope.

As the green party candidate for Mayo I will prioritize communities and climate action that will revitalise and empower the more rural parts of Ireland. I believe in the need for a just transition and a sustainable and resilient agricultural system and I know that unless everybody is involved and working toward the same goal we are doomed to a very difficult path.


The Green Party in Ireland was formed in 1981 as a response to the damage being caused by human activities. We believe in the need to balance social and economic health with the health of the environment upon
which we are dependent.

Candidates for election and party policy are decided on by the members of the Green Party.

Our founding principles are

  • The impact of society on the environment should not be ecologically disruptive Conservation of resources is vital to a sustainable society
  • All political, social and economic decisions should be taken at the lowest effective level
  • Society should be guided by self-reliance and co-operation at all levels
  • As caretakers of the Earth, we have the responsibility to pass it on in a fit and healthy state
  • The need for world peace overrides national and commercial interests
  • The poverty of two-thirds of the world’s family demands a redistribution of the world’s resources

To read more about the Green Party or our policies see our website: https://www.greenparty.ie/

The Green Party, 16/17 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
T: +353(0)1 679 0012
E: info@greenparty.ie

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